Detailed Review of Lambton College – Courses and Locations

Lambton College

Canada is the most preferred study destinations. Colleges in Canada are best in terms of studies and services. There are many colleges in Canada. But Lambton College is the best. From the last 50 years, the College has been servicing Canadian and international students. The faculty is the best and professional. They are fully dedicated to equipping students with top-notch education and training.  Review of Lambton College is very good as per international students. Lambton College Ranking is very attractive. Lambton College courses are unique and distinct. The college delivers the best services and education as per the growing demands of society. Global students can access a top class education at a reasonable price at the College.

Lambton College

Among many Canadian colleges, Lambton is known as a leader in applied research. College has won many awards for creativity, quality and contributions to the community. Its amenities consist of best health labs and classrooms, well-equipped fitness facilities and gymnasium, classrooms and student social spaces. Students of College have a competitive edge in employability and practical work experience. There are more than 3,500 full-time students, 6,500 part-time students, and 500 global students.

Lambton College Courses

Lambton College offers a different set of programs.  There are more than 90 post-secondary courses, academic upgrading, post-graduate, part-time and training courses. In case you want to know about courses, just click on the link mentioned below.

Courses in Lambton College

Choose the best course of your choice and full fill your dream.

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Fee Structure:

  • Tuition Fees:

Different programs have different fee structure. So, tuition fee is variable.

  • Late Fee:

In case students register after the due date, then they have to pay a non-refundable late fee of $100

  • Registration Fee:

Annually, registration fee of $131.94 is charged to full time students.

  • Student Activity Fee:

$70.33 per term is charged by the Student Administrative Council (SAC).

  • Student Centre Building Fee:

             $75.00 is charged by the Student Administrative Council (SAC).

  • Sports Fee:

          $54.63 per term includes the cost of varsity and indoor activities.

  •  Technology Access Fee:

 $107.99 per term equips students with best computer facilities.

  • Health & Dental Care Fee:

  $207.87 for fall intake courses and $168.96 for winter intake programs provides students with health and dental insurance.

  • Student Health Fee:

         $34.10 is charged for the cost of maintaining the Family Health & Wellness.

  • Graduation Fee:

$66.87 involves the cost of graduation and convocation.

  • Student Card:

            $18.40 is charge of ID card.

  • For International Students:

Students who are out of Canada are charged regular tuition fees plus $4,299.35 per term.

  • Transcript Fee:

Students asking for a transcript will be charged $12 per transcript.

  • Facilities Fee:

$43.75 will be charged to full-time students on yearly basis.

  • Co-op Fee:

Students in an alternating co-op course have to pay a co-op fee.


Lambton College Mississauga:

The College in Mississauga is for global students who want to study in Mississauga. Lambton College Mississauga was opened in partnership with Queens College.  The college offers smaller class sizes, flexible hours and affordable tuition fees.

Address: 121 Brunel Road, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 3E9


Lambton College Toronto:

The College is for students who want to study in Toronto. Lambton College Toronto was opened in partnership with Cestar College.

Address: 400-265 Yorkland Blvd, Toronto, ON, M2J 1S5.


Main Branch:

The main branch is located in Sarnia, Ontario.

Address: 1457 London Road, Sarnia, ON, N7S 6K4.


Why Choose Lambton College?

  1. Great Learning Environment.
  2. Best Faculty.
  3. Small Size batches.
  4. Affordable fee.
  5. Flexible hours.

Be the part of Lambton College and touch the height of success. Lambton College ranking is also very good.

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