Interesting Facts about Dubai

Dubai considers the ultramodern city of the United Arab Emirates. This city is famous for luxury shopping malls and live nightfall scene. Therefore, the Burj Khalifa tower increases its beauty with the Dubai fountain at its foot. Likewise, this fountain has lights with choreographed music of the country. According to a survey, Dubai conducts as a fully air-conditioned city in the middle desert area. This city is full of advances in technologies and the number of jobs is available to local and foreign people. Similarly, jobs for drivers in Dubai give a new life to driving field persons. 

Job types in Dubai

Moreover, Dubai conducts as the junction of jobs. Therefore, people from various nations visited there in search of jobs. Dubai offers a number of job opportunities for local people and foreign candidates. Several websites describe several types of jobs that are as follow-

  • Technical streams
  • Office Jobs
  • Hospital 
  • Architectural 
  • Receptionist 
  • Security Agents
  • Beauty Stations
  • Chefs
  • Engineers
  • Teaching department
  • Insurance
  • Legal services
  • Retails
  • Trades

Jobs for drivers in Dubai

We all know about the driver jobs and divers. They work on roads however these are straight or curvy. According to writers, a skill full driver originated from the straight to round roads. If we talk about Dubai, certainly, hundreds of driver vacancies posted on the internet every day. This is to say, the city gives chance to the experienced as well as fresher drivers to work over there. They may work as-

  • Personal drivers
  • Taxi drivers 
  • Truck drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Company drivers
  • Family drivers
  • Bike drivers
  • Factory material drivers

Furthermore, driver vacancies are further categorized into two types that are-

  1. Lightweight – This category includes light vehicles. However, it considers taxies, personal cars, office cabs, etc. Therefore, this category is specified for time to time duty like morning to evening shift or evening to morning shift. Bike drivers are also included for the job in Dubai like other drivers. They work the same as cab drivers or personal drivers.
  2. Heavyweight – Heavyweight drivers include truck drivers or other heavy machinery drivers. They do not have any specific timing shift and o on duty when receiving calls from authority. Besides this, their tour conducts for days, weeks or months and not for a single day. However, bus or lorry drivers work on a daily basis. Likewise, jobs for drivers in Dubai open doors for international people also. 

Experience and License requirement

Consequently, the license has its own importance for the job vacancy of the driver. Therefore, license considers the identity of a person. Does it generally show which type of vehicles a person can drive? Similarly, types of vehicles are also mentioned on the license. Mostly, it considers the blood group and expiry date of the license. Heavy load license needs practical experience and training certificates for this. 

Moreover, many companies provide certifications for heavy load types of machinery. Likewise, several companies give experience certificates to their employees. In other words, these include truck unions, IT companies, officers or any other department. So, it helps people to get their job easily outside of their company. 

What a driver actually called so?

However, the driver is also called a motorist. It looks not too easy to be a skillful driver. He has the responsibility of the whole machinery, his own life, and others’ lives. The documentation of transport depends upon the driver. Therefore, on-time entry, departure or leaving date slips are also maintained by drivers. Similarly, the authority of machinery depends upon the drivers that whole documents of the transport vehicle are complete or not. They also have full knowledge of the map of any nation, state or city. Additionally, rules and regulations regarding the traffic control department are followed by the drivers. 

They give a report on their petrol and other entry slips to the department of the company. Meanwhile,an honest driver always cares about the transport system and vehicles as their own. The major things they always follow are the honesty and care of the machinery. All the facts remain aside, jobs for drivers in Dubai consider as the best option for drivers.

Fields of driver work

There is a number of areas where drivers require on a daily basis. Another fact includes the specific regions where drivers get a permanent job. Many companies get their employees for outer areas for import and export business. However, Some major fields of their job work include-

  • Courier driver
  • Motorbike driver
  • Company and industry driver
  • Cab drivers
  • Logistic department drivers
  • Buggy driver
  • Golf car driver
  • Parking drivers
  • Family driver
  • Laundry delivery drivers
  • Van drivers

These consider some specific areas where new driver jobs come out daily. They earn the best salaries and other facilities like food, dresses or living room as per the owner of the firm or officer, etc. Hence, jobs for drivers in Dubai come as a new opportunity for everyone. 

Driver jobs in Dubai

As discussed above, Dubai city considers as the hub of jobs for Indian people. Most of the Indians come as drivers or security guards in this area. However, driving opportunities for Indians are the best options and they get better salaries and lifestyle. Consequently, the demand for this city increases day by day. Indian drivers have every type of road’s knowledge and follow skillful driving, therefore, they are preferred by many companies in Dubai. In short, we can say that jobs for drivers in Dubai look the golden chance for everyone. 

Salary and living status

Subsequently, the roads of Dubai are fantastic. These are fully plain and without any pits. Therefore, older roads get a repair on time. Firstly, Every time drivers need the proper speed of vehicles on the road to avoid road accidents. Subsequently, Insurance premiums may help a driver during any injury or mishappening. So, cars fly on roads due to their good conditions. Therefore, driver jobs in Dubai preferred by many freshers. Hence, jobs for drivers in Dubai offer a salary according to their local currency AED.

Additionally, the salaries of the drivers based on Dubai vary according to their working hours and vehicles. Therefore, the average salary of taxi drivers obtained in a month is nearly 4500- 5000 AED. On the other hand, the average salary of the drivers ranges between 3500-4000 AED. Besides this, salary also depends on the working hours of the drivers that range between 8to12 hours. However, the living standard of a driver is as common as local people. They usually eat as well as live well with their interests. 

Qualification of the drivers

Additionally, the qualification of a local driver does not matter too much. But for an international driver, education matters a lot. They may be secondary pass or graduate minimum. Therefore, their capability to understand English will consider good to understand their work environment. Likewise, no English test is required for jobs for drivers in Dubai. They are simply able to understand and speak English well. 


To sum up all, Dubai offers a big platform for all the drivers. They serve them with every local service and on-time salary facilities. Therefore, jobs for drivers in Dubai attract many people to live in that city. So, people grab this opportunity for a better life. 


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