After deciding that you really want to immigrate to Canada. The first step you will take is to apply for the visa. You can lodge the application yourself but it is a time-consuming process. So to save your time, it’s better to hire a Canada immigration consultant. There are many Canada Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.  But only a few are best.


Listed below are some of the benefits of choosing an immigration consultant.

Helps you to choose the best:

Immigration consultant saves your time and gives you the best advice. He is the one who helps you to choose the best. As there are many Canadian immigration programs, one can’t have information about all. In such a case, an immigration consultant can help you.  Some want to apply for a work visa and some for a student visa. Everyone’s situation is different and there is no absolute best option. A Registered immigration consultant better understands the process and can help you to choose the best without any worry.

They are reliable:

The immigration process is a long and time-consuming task. There are chances that you may make a mistake while filling up the form. Any blank answer on your visa form can trouble you later. A registered immigration consultant is a qualified person. He is the one who has knowledge about the visa process. You can easily trust him and rely on him. He makes sure that your information is complete. He is the one who presents your application to immigration officers in an organized way.  This all helps the easy process of your application.

Makes the process simple:

Immigration is a complex process. If you are applying for Canada, then the legal system of Canada is complex.  Also, it very difficult to make financial and emotional commitment establish in a new country.  As the immigration consultant has the knowledge of the law and will guide you through the process and make the complicated process easy for you.

Saves your time:

They have the skills to make your process simple and helps to complete the process in a short period of time. There are so many forms, one cannot do all this of his own. One needs to take help. If you send an incomplete form or miss certain details, there are chances that your application may get reject. But with immigration consultant nothing seems to be difficult. He has all the resources ready in the office and will help you in a prompt and efficient manner. Your time can be saved for something more meaningful to you.

Have Knowledge:

A certified immigration consultant is the one who is a master in his/her field. He has passed various exams to get the license.  Moreover, a certified immigration consultant also has a code of professional conduct to follow to keep the license need.  Therefore, the financial and time investment by a consultant can be seen in the quality of their work.

Secured Service:

An immigration consultant provides you with personalized service with all the data are taken care of. The online instruction guide will only give you generic instruction with no consideration in the immigration law aspect.  Personalized service also includes good advice from your consultant about settlement services in a foreign nation. 

The best Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh will help you. They will advise you throughout the process of obtaining your Canadian visa. They are fully trained in the requirements of applying for a visa. Also will help you through your application process with comfort. To help you, I have come up with the best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh

WWICS Immigration Consultancy:

WWICS is the best Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh. The company provides a full range of services in the area of skilled, student and business immigration.

reviews of WWICS Immigration Consultancy

WWICS has over 25 years of experience. The team has successfully helped over 125,000 clients in fulfilling their dream of settling abroad. The expert team at WWICS looks at each case personally and offers the best advice to the clients.  

With WWICS’ Canadian immigration services, moving to Canada is easy and hassle-free.

Why to Choose WWICS Immigration Consultancy?
  1. Free Assessment.
  2. Post Landing Services.
  3. Pre-Landing Services.
  4. Client Assessment.
  5. Eligibility Assessment.

For Further Details:

Meet us at:  2415-16, Himalaya Marg, Near Hotel Aroma, Sector 22, Chandigarh.

Call us at:  0172 6663600, 6663700

Email us at:

Get Global Immigration Consultants:

Get Global Immigration Consultancy was established in 2009. In a very short span of time, the Consultancy has won the trust and respect among its clients. The GGIC is a reputed name in the immigration field. The company provides the best immigration consultant services.

reviews of Get Global Immigration Consultants

The team is highly professional and normally accept people by personally interviewing them and assess their eligibility for a visa. The team provides in-depth information about immigration needs and requirements.

The main motive of a team is to provide the most transparent and efficient services to clients.

Why to Choose Get Global Immigration Consultancy?
  1. Visitor visa assistance.
  2. Skilled worker immigration assistance.
  3. Embassy Charges
  4. Air Ticket assistance.
  5. Best services.

For Further Details:

Meet us at:  3rd Floor, S.C.O 80-81, Sector 17 C, Chandigarh.

Call us at:  98722-02780, 95016-78666

Email us at:

Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants:

Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants is one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh. The team is committed to offer honest, accurate and complete services to clients.  The consultancy is authorized representatives of many institutes spread all over the globe.

reviews of Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants

After completion of the study, the team also assist students in getting PR. The team comprises of International & Indian counselors to provide accurate advice. The company provides the best immigration opportunities.  The daunting and complicated process of immigration and visa is simplified by an experienced team of SUNLAND.

Why to Choose Sunland Education and Immigration Consultants?
  1. Qualified Certified Team.
  2. Support in every step from filing Visa to Settling Abroad.
  3. Best Immigration Consultant.
  4. Helps in the filing of PR of a Respective Country.
  5. Licensed Immigration Adviser.

For Further Details:

Meet us at:  SCO 260, IST & 2nd Floor, Sector 32D, Chandigarh.

Call us at:  +91 98146 10782

Email us at:

Globus Overseas Consulting Private Limited:

The team of Globus Overseas Consulting Private Limited helps you reach beyond all the barriers to discover yourself. They equip you with the best immigration consultant services.

reviews of Globus Overseas Consulting Private Limited

Within a few years, Globus has raised a team of experienced visa and immigration documentation experts. Team works with well trained and expert immigration visa professionals.

The main mission of the team is to provide you with hassle-free and enjoyable immigration experience.

Why to Choose Globus Overseas Consulting Private Limited?
  1. Team of Experts.
  2. Best Guidance.
  3. Best services.
  4. Hassle Free Experience.
  5. Save Energy and Time.

For Further Details:

Meet us at:  SCO 485-486, Level 1, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh.

Call us at:  + 91 97793 99994, +91 97793 99995

Email us at:

The information mentioned above is true to our knowledge. In case of any doubt, you can contact them in person. These are the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.


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