Everyone goes through the process of education. Education is one of the important things of the modern world. In our education process, we have to give exams and for exams, we have to study. Some students are good at studies and they get good marks in their exams. On the other hand, some students get lower marks than other students. People consider these types of students are unintelligent ones, but it is not true. There are many reasons which are responsible for getting low marks and the main problem might be a distraction. Some masses find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and always keen to know How to concentrate on studies? They try their best to learn but always fail due to distraction.

Why Concentration is important?

It is a difficult task to get rid of the distraction problems during studies for students. It is always not easy to be focused on studies. Some topics may hard to understand as well as it is also tiring to be focused for several hours. Here, I want to give some tips which can help you with this problem and answer the question of How to concentrate on studies? There is no need to worry about it. It is considered a difficult task but not an impossible one. Nothing is impossible in this world. If you are ready to overcome your problem then nothing hinders your way. Many students always try to figure out How to concentrate on studies, but they do not get effective answers. First of all, do not worry about your studies. Tension and anxiety kill your energy and the freshness of your mind.

Tips help in finding out how to concentrate on studies

In this article, you get a full explanation of some tips which help you in improving concentration. These are very helpful for you. The tips are explicated further which helps you to get rid of the distraction problem. Go through the list. These points consist of certain tips that help you to know how to concentrate on studies.  With the help of these tips, you will get good marks in your upcoming exams and tests.

1.    Prepare your mind for studies

The very first thing is to prepare your mind for studies. If you are searching for how to concentrate on studies, then first of all question to yourself. If your mind is not ready to learn, then no other thing helps you in studying. People usually complain about concentration problems while studying, but they cannot pay attention to the reasons. If you have any mental, physical or emotional breakdown then there are fewer chances to be focused on your work or studies. So, try to be free of your mind before studying anything. Do not study when you are not physically, mentally or emotionally well. Additionally, free your mind from other things or tensions. Though sometimes it gets hard to control thoughts or emotions but everything is in your hands. You can do it by yourself. These two steps certainly take to keep your mind on the right track.

  • Stop your mind from wandering here and there. Start from the less difficult topic, your mind will start responding to it.
  • If any thought distracts you, then write it on paper. After it, stop thinking about it.

2. Find a proper study zone

The next step is proper study zone. Everyone is unique and has different habits. The same thing happens in studies. Everyone has a different learning style or mode. Like, some like to study or read in moving train or bus. Some children want loneliness while studying and some doesn’t have an issue with this. Many children love to study in their room, on the other hand, some love to study in laps of nature like a garden.

So, choose your proper study zone according to your comfort. You can get concentration by comfortable learning zone. Comfort brings concentration easily. Find your proper study zone for your study; it can help you to get more focused. Subsequently , You will see the productive results of this strategy. You can get more information about how to concentrate on studies with this article. 

3.    Establish a productive schedule

The next and one of the most important steps is making a proper time table for your studies. Yes, time table also paves the way to get rid of the distraction problem. We all have 24 hours in a day. Everyone has an optimal time of the day when they get their best work done. So, make a time table according to it. Like, some do their best in the morning time, but for some people, night time is the best. Morning time is optimal for studying. At that time, our mind is free and fresh.

The time table helps in scheduling everything. You can arrange everything according to your schedule. So, at study time, your mind does not wander here and there because it knows that it is time for study. A time table should be made as it helps you in switching between different subjects. By this, you will not feel boredom.

4.    Take frequent breaks

Breaks help you in recharging the lost energy. Taking breaks is an efficient tip if you are looking for some tips related to how to concentrate on studies. For efficient working, you need to take frequent breaks. You should set some breaks in your time table. For example, try to study for 30-60 minutes and then take a 5-10 minute break. Consistently, it helps you in synthesizing the information. Some say that it is laziness, but it is not true. According to the research, taking a scheduled study breaks can help in minimizing distraction and maximizing studying. In the long study hours, breaks serve as a healing factor for your mind.

Breaks do not hinder your path but help you in better concentration. Keep this thing in your mind while making a time table. You will see the clear results of this. A student who takes short breaks performs better than those who do not. You feel fatigued and boring while studying for long hours. By breaks, you will physically as well as mentally refresh your mind. It cannot refresh your mind but also body. But try to back at work after taking a break as early as possible.  

5.    Listen to music if you like

Music is a thing which almost everyone likes. Many people say that music helps them to concentrate. Yes, it is true. Music is not a stress buster but also assists your mind to be focused. Some masses like to play music in the background while studying. It keeps you fresh and happy. These things lead to concentration. It is one of the tips which you have to use if you are worried about how to concentrate on studies. Many people do not like any noise while studying. They love quietness. If you never try it, then you have to try it. At least experiment it once.

Try to keep the following things in mind while experiment with background music while studying.

  • Play the appropriate music. Soft music is good to play instead of rock music. Additionally, try to experiment with new genres rather than traditional ones. In simple words, do not play the music you know before. If you play a recognize song, then it is a high chance that your mind wonder. You also start singing that song. It distracts you from the study. Therefore, it is good to experiment with music taste.
  • A student can go for ab another option. There is a background noise generator that plays natural sounds. You can hear natural sounds like birds chirping, rain, river stream or other pleasant sounds. You can get free tools available online.

6. Ditch the Distractions like cell phones

In the modern world, everyone has cell phones. According to some parents, the main distraction of their children is the smartphone. Not only young children but also adults spend much time with their smartphones. The smartphone is one of the most time-consuming things. If you are curious to know how to concentrate on studies, the important thing is to get to know about your distractions. With the advancement of technology and the popularity of social networking sites, likewise, it is easier to communicate with anyone.

Smartphones are very useful for us, but it is a double-edged sword. Smartphones eat our precious time. We all are busy with constant WhatsApp messages, Snapchat photos, and Facebook or Instagram notifications. According to research, masses take an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to work after using a social networking site. So, try to avoid using your smartphone while studying. Therefore , it distracts you from your studies. You should leave your smartphone in another room if you want to study. Some children have a habit to check their phones every five minutes. You will see good results after ditching this distraction.

7.    Don’t leave everything to the end

Some people have a habit of procrastination. Procrastination means delaying the work or something which needs to be done. Some students leave most of their studies for the night before the test or exam. It is also procrastination. It is the biggest mistake which is done by many students. They think that it is good to study one night before. They are wrong. This thing does not help them. On the other hand, it creates unwanted pressure and stress which is not good for them. The pressure and stress reduce productivity as well as concentration on the study.

Stress-free learning is better than studying under pressure. So, try to maintain your study schedule before exams. Do not leave it to study exactly one day before the exam. Stress is the main hindrance in concentration. If you are looking for how to concentrate on studies one day before the exam, then truly you have to need more effort than other students. Strong will and determination can do anything, but try to avoid the habit of procrastination. Last-minute cramming is not a wonderful option for long time learning.

8.    Study with the right people

Many children love to study alone. It helps them to get full concentration. According to some people, they even learn better in group studies than alone. You can take the help of any person in your studies. The right person can motivate you as well as helps you in improving your focus. Some persons easily get distracted. These types of people do not help you in improving your focus.

Many people love to study with their classmates or friends. It is up to you to make the right choice for study partners. If you find that this person can help you then without hesitation start studying with him/her. This partner will also help you to get more options for how to concentrate on studies.


There is no short cut to concentrate on your studies. You have to pay attention to your study from the beginning. The list can help you to get to know how to concentrate on studies. Self-control is a must in improving your focus. You have to take a holistic approach to improve your focus. You should take some serious steps if you want good scores in your exams or tests. Many people think that studying for long periods continuously helps in getting good marks. But they are wrong. Your brain does not work properly in this situation and starts feeling fatigued. Therefore, try to take small breaks during the study session.

These tips help you to get answers about how to concentrate on studies. It is all up to you to choose tips according to your requirements. First of all, prepare your mind for study. No formula can work if you do not have will power to do anything. Therefore, find out your main distraction and cut it while studying. Preparing a proper time table is another good option to get success in the respective field.


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