Sharjah is the part of UAE. The city is a mixture of modern and urban traditions. This emirate is the third-most-popular and the largest emirate in the UAE. Millions of tourists visit this emirate every year. Moreover, the city is full of green spaces. It is situated on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This emirate is located next to Dubai. Additionally, it is not only good for tourists but also best for working there. One of the best things about Sharjah is the low cost of living. There are various platforms and sources for where job vacancies in Sharjah are available.

Affordable living in Sharjah

The cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates is a conservative city. More specifically, many people come to this emirate for jobs. Actually, the cost of living is less in this city than other cities in the UAE. You can easily set up a business in Sharjah. Furthermore, Sharjah is also famous for Sharjah International Airport.

There are numerous job vacancies in Sharjah which are waiting for you. This emirate is also focused on commercial growth in recent years. That is why job vacancies in Sharjah are huge in number, especially in commercial sector. Most importantly, One of the plus points to working in Sharjah is tax-free wages. You do not need to pay tax on your salary in the UAE.

Various job vacancies in Sharjah

You can get jobs in any sector according to your ability and interest. There are many fields in which you try like teaching, property maintenance, and medical. Apart from these, there are various job vacancies in Sharjah at the airport. You can get jobs in many oil companies. As you all know that Sharjah has also different types of shopping malls. Moreover, you can work as a mall manager and sales executive in malls. Property prices are high in Dubai. Therefore, Sharjah is the ultimate choice for them.

There are numerous jobs in fields such as construction, architecture, and real estate. These jobs are the result of the continuous development of the Sharjah. Therefore, it is one of the affordable emirates of the UAE. Certainly, there is also a huge demand for professionals in the field of natural gas, finance, and pharmaceutical sectors. IT, media, security, and technical professions are the other options for you. It is the right option to work in the UAE. The relatively low cost of living is the main reason for it.

Jobs vacancies at leading airport

There is an international airport in Sharjah. If you are looking for a good job, then Sharjah airport can provide you the best opportunity. The airport is one of the welcoming places to work in Sharjah. This place offers every employee a challenging and enjoyable career. This place offers a lot of job vacancies in Sharjah. Therefore, the exciting job opportunities and training programs at Sharjah Airport attract many masses to come to this emirate. The authority hires talented masses that will raise the performance of the airport.

Teaching jobs in Sharjah

Similarly, the education sector is the most important sector in Sharjah. The education sector is divided into two parts, public and private. In recent years, drastic improvement is seen in the city’s education system. Therefore, The different schools follow different curriculum like Arabic, Australian, Indian, and British. Moreover, the diverse education system offers various kinds of teaching job vacancies in Sharjah.

 For the teaching job, you must have a required teaching qualification, a teaching license or certification from a recognized institution. Most importantly, It is good to show previous experience to get a better teaching job. You can work in private schools, language institutes, and colleges. Many people also like to work as private tutors in Sharjah. As you all know about tax-free salary in Sharjah, the other benefits also attract talented people towards this city.

 In other words, You can get a compensation package that includes benefits such as paid accommodation, 60 days of paid vacation, medical cover, gratuity and education for own children at a subsidized fee. Therefore, Many institutes provide annual return tickets to the teachers. Salary and benefits also depend on different institutions. Additionally, certification, education, and the number of years of experience one hold in the teaching field can help you in getting huge benefits.

Jobs for females

Most importantly, Females also get the same opportunities as males. Various job vacancies in Sharjah are waiting for talented and experienced women. Mainly females choose to teach over other professions. However, females can choose other professions according to their abilities. At Sharjah Airport, females get the same opportunities for career progression as their male peers. Above all, the emirate offers space to grow personally and professionally to women.

Opportunities at oil companies

Different kind of engineering job vacancies in Sharjah welcomes talented youth. You can work as a lead piping engineer, technical engineer, and architectural engineer. Certainly, Oil is the main thing that helps to gain revenue in the UAE. In Sharjah, you can find out jobs in different oil and gas companies. Furthermore, the well-reputed companies have firms in this city.

Furthermore, reputed oil companies provide huge salary package to the deserved candidates. Along with the salary packages, they also offer free accommodation which helps you to live a reliable life in this Arab emirate. Marine electricians get huge benefits by working in the Sharjah’s oil companies.

Medical jobs in Sharjah

There are many hospitals in Sharjah where you can easily get jobs. Medical practitioners have a very good future in Sharjah like other emirates of the UAE. Many nurses migrate to Sharjah for a bright future. Along with it, you can work as a clinic coordinator in private clinics.

 Therefore, if you are looking for any kind of dentist job, then this city is the perfect option for you. The salary of doctors and other medical practitioners is good. Health care is one of the important sectors in Sharjah which provides great opportunities for foreigners.

Modest lifestyle in Sharjah

Different employees make an average salary of AED 72,981 in different fields. The different job vacancies in Sharjah have different salary limit. The popular jobs like Accountant, Mechanical Engineer, and Civil Engineer get to pay between AED 49,777 and AED 59,860 annually. On the other hand, wages are tax-free. There is no need to worry about tax charges. This thing attracts many masses to work in UAE.

In addition, there are about 1.5 million people living in this emirate. In a part-time job, you can also get AED 57.5 per hour. Moreover, Anyone can get jobs in Sharjah. However, you should hold a valid UAE residence visa with a work permit. Along with it, you have to fulfill the requirements of the concerned authorities.


To sum up, almost 45,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Sharjah focus on manufacturing, real estate, gas, tourism, and business services. The overall economy of the emirate depends on manufacturing. Therefore, it contributes to approximately 19 percent of its annual GDP. This is the quite place compare to Dubai. But it is the cheapest place to live a tension-free life. It is also a safe place, especially for ladies.

Dubai is near to Sharjah. So, if you want to enjoy more, you will go to Dubai on weekends. Consequently, you have to pay attention to your dressing code in Sharjah. But it is not a too scary thing. Meanwhile, the different job vacancies in Sharjah demand talented masses to come and join the development of leading this emirate.


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