Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu-Dhabi considered the world beyond imagination. It is the capital of the UAE and included as the main island on the Persian Gulf. Consequently, this becomes famous for its oil exportation. Therefore, the major commerce increment of the Abu-Dhabi comes from its skyline business towers and Marina malls.

Similarly, the Sheikh Zayad Mosque of this city has space for 41,000 worshipers. Subsequently, its white crystal marble domes show immense harmony of life. Due to higher skyscrapers of business, jobs in Abu Dhabi look in abundance. 

About MENA as a part of Abu Dhabi

Moreover, Mena has its name due to the English language acronym. It refers to the Middle East and North Africa region. Likewise, an alternative term is also used as Wana because of the same group of countries. Therefore, MENA comes from because it covers an extensive region from Morocco to Iran. It has 6% in total of the world population. So, jobs in Abu Dhabi also serve people from these regions. 

Furthermore, the economy of the MENA grows day by day because a large number of foreign investors invest in this region. It follows the mobilize expenditure, private sector hikes and supporting investment projects. Therefore, these projects increase employment for domestic as well as international persons. 

MENA Conference at Abu Dhabi

However, this considers the highest standard Medical Education department that serves the best quality medical facilities in the region. It has worldwide modern types of equipment to cure major traumas and diseases. Therefore, global medical project conferences are held over there.

Additionally, it also serves with the training courses, event management, and conference and media education. In short, Online CPD and CPM programs also available for everyone. Hence, it offers numerous jobs in Abu Dhabi to part-time workers and full-time employees. 

MENA Skill Jobs

There is a number of engineering jobs that prefer talented persons. Subsequently, it has a number of private companies that provide skilled jobs to the local and persons from abroad. Therefore, a candidate can build his career in finance, technology and business project management streams. Further, it gives jobs in Abu Dhabi to those persons who have the talent to create a new world in technology apart from degrees. The skill certificate an employee get from MENA industries, explore his talent throughout the world. 

Studio Jobs in MENA

There is a number of famous and HD studios. Every day, new projects of shooting an advertisement come to the MENA due to its elite beauty. Certainly, the hub of beautiful mega centers and visiting places make it incredible for movie shootings and photography. The shopping centers of various towns of MENA create an imaginary world for movie makers. This area provides global resources to develop UAE. Likewise, you may get several jobs in Abu Dhabi to graphic designers, video making, and managers, etc. 

Jobs at MENA Shopping Malls

There seem big opportunities for the part-time workers in megamalls of the MENA. Furthermore, jobs in Abu-Dhabi give a lot more chances to the local and international college students who would like to work there part-time to earn their live expenses. Therefore, the owners of the mega shopping malls offer great packages to their staff. Hence, salesgirls and sales boys earn handsome packages at the malls during part-time jobs also. 

Jobs at Institutes in MENA

However, MENA considered a wide populated region and a number of educational institutes are there. These include short time language courses schools or big institutes in the city. Every institution needs staff for the educational requirement fulfillments.

So, these offer handsome salaries to the intellectual faculty or candidates. Hence, it does not matter that you are from the local area or a foreigner. The students from different nations study over here and also join short term courses. So, it looks beneficial for part-time workers also. In short, jobs in Abu-Dhabi open doors for the fresher’s also.

The ratio of jobs in Abu-Dhabi

The major population of the Abu-Dhabi lives in urban areas. This includes 1,831,741 men and 952,749 women in Abu-Dhabi. Subsequently, it considers its local community and shows it as a male-dominant area. Likewise, its own population includes 9.8million in 2019 and remaining are non-residents of MENA. The demographic statics is shown below-

Jobs for females

MENA grows with the world as it gives employment to international employees also. Similarly, the technology also impacts MENA and it follows the trends of digital marketing also. Therefore, the internet world assures business tactics and abroad projects for the development of MENA. It includes –

SEO executives,

content writers,

PPC managers,

Affiliate marketing, etc.

Equal Jobs For Men and Women

The country region welcomes skilled workers from digital marketing or online marketing. Therefore, a survey shows that woman and the man works in the same field but it seems low for local women. Other jobs in Abu Dhabi for females are given below-

  • Beauty Sector
  • Digital Marketing
  • Educational Sector
  • Business Analyst 
  • Electricity Department
  • Medical Sector
  • Banking Jobs
  • Architecture or Designer fields

Freelancing Jobs in Abu Dhabi

There are several jobs that include freelancing jobs in MENA. Additionally, international persons and local ladies prefer these kinds of jobs. Therefore, they search these from various websites and earn as per their working projects on time.

It includes employment like-

  • Writers
  • Cameraman
  • Event managers
  • Translator
  • Web Developer
  • Marketing Managers
  • Artists

Jobs for the Indians 

Furthermore, MENA has a wide area for Indian persons. It also offers jobs to the Indian people in several sectors. Subsequently, they work in hospitals as-

  1. Laboratory
  2. Caretaker
  3. Nursing
  4. Teacher
  5. Manager

Other Options for workers

Besides this, they can also work as-

  • Secretary
  • Trainees 
  • Accountants
  • Sales Executive
  • Florist
  • Document Controller
  • Electrical Department
  • Parlor Jobs
  • Drivers

Additionally, this considers as Islamic country but there seems no discrimination between the domestic and international people. The administration and local people treat others like their own friends and families. So, Abu-Dhabi looks the best place for jobs in Abu Dhabi and in MENA.

Workplace in Abu Dhabi

To sum all, MENA considered the safest place for everyone. There is an abundance of jobs in Abu-Dhabi region. People from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and other countries come here for work. As it considered, the developing area, so students also get part-time jobs to earn their live expenses and college fee.

Certainly, medical facilities and insurance facilities as per the company’s policies. As per the survey, nearly 10 % of the ladies of Abu Dhabi is working. Unfortunately, they are considered as professionals in their own area.


The average population of this area grows with new technologies and working on the latest projects. Therefore, these require outsider engineers, digital marketers, architects, drivers, and scientists also. Today is the world of information technology and everything looks possible with it.

As Sophia like robots developed in Iran like a country than it also needs a number of workers. So, millions of persons work as assistants and labor over there. In short, it considers as the hub of jobs in Abu-Dhabi


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