Personality Development Tips for Students: Shine and Rise

Personality is the most important feature that boosts your overall wellbeing. It is a bunch of traits and features that define a person and make the person stand out from others. Personality Development is very important for students, earlier the better. There are various traits which define a personality. Some of the traits are character, attitude, environment, and behavior. The blend of all these traits shapes an individual’s personality. Students need to understand the significance of Personality Development in their life. This blog is all about personality development tips for students.  

personality development tips for students

Personal development is the process of accomplishing and exploring your full potential. In the words of a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy, “Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.” Hopefully, it is quite clear that personality development is very important.

As we are living in the age of competition, it is very important to stand out from others. As everyone has a unique set of qualities and traits, therefore one needs to improve themselves. The word “personality” is a wide term which means the physical and mental state of a person. It is very important to learn attractive traits so you can put your best foot forward. Personality development can improve both your studious life and social life.

Personality Development Tips for students

Listed below are some of the tips that students should follow to enhance their personality.

Be Social:

Socialism is important to every aspect of our health. As per the reports, having a good network of support and communication boost personality development. Moreover, it also fosters both emotional and physical health.  Without social links, one cannot move forward. It is necessary to boost up your social skills. The more good you are in the social areas of your life, the more success you will have.

Always be positive while interacting with people. Never make any posture that gives off a negative impression. Listen, smile and interact. Have social and healthy interactions with people. If you are an introvert, then this is a challenge for you. Go and attend social gatherings, attend the parties and meet the new people. If you will avoid social interaction, this will backfire your personality.

Be Yourself:

Never compare yourself with others and never try to be a replica of someone else. Be comfortable with yourself.  Find your own style and stick with it. Love and respect yourself. Be happy with what you are. Be true to yourself. Experiment with different color, looks, accessories, and clothes. The time you get comfortable with yourself, others will see your confidence and unique qualities. Your style should be the replica of your individuality and personality.

Be Calm and Compose:

Always stay calm, cool and composed. Even if you are in a stressful situation, try to keep yourself calm and stable. This will make you look more intelligent and balanced. Maybe you have some people with whom you can share your problems but in some stressful situations, it’s better to take a deep breath and try to remain composed.

Never Doubt Yourself:

One of the important personality development tips for students is that never doubt your abilities and talent.  Be positive and stay firm at your decisions. Trust your decisions and inner intuition. Be confident. This will make you look and feel like a boss, which is important in any area of your life.

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Always be positive:

No one will like your personality if you are the one who constantly complains and is negative. Negativity leads to helplessness and weakness the personality. People love your personality when you are positive and optimistic.

Be content:

Whether you are at college or at school or at the career stage, be content with everything.  One will love your personality if you are passionate and enthusiastic about your work and life. If you are unhappy, no one will like you. Give yourself the time to figure out what your passion is and how you can make it work in your life.

Never be aggressive:

There can be a time when you become aggressive but avoid being aggressive. Being aggressive is a big turn off to people, both in a social situation and in a professional situation. Be honest with yourself and work on your anger. Being aggressive makes others feel negative about yourself.

Be cheerful:

No one likes boring people. Try to be funny and humorous. People love the personality of others who are light-hearted and can make others happy. One of the biggest examples is of President Abraham Lincoln. Even during the most disturbing times during the Civil War, he won the hearts of his cabinet and military leaders with his quick wit and jolly nature. Try to add colors and light to life. Be happy and cheerful. Make other people happy.

Be Consistent:

Being consistent doesn’t naturally mean that you always have to be certain. It means that you follow through on a daily basis. Consistency can boost personality and form habits to complete your goals. Consistency is key to success, which is a big quality to others and affords you an increase in confidence.

Be an active listener:

Listening is the most important trait of a matured person. But today, active listening is often forgotten in our modern-day society. It is an important personality trait. Always pay attention to other people words. First, listen and then respond. Your body language should be such that it should show to others that you are interested in their talks. Show others that you are interested in their talks. Show that you care what the speaker is saying.

Be Honest:

No one likes people who are liars and dishonest. Be sincere with yourself and others.  You need to be yourself. Be truthful. Don’t become a liar just to please others. When people ask for your advice, be honest and open about what you think, without being harsh.

Take care of yourself:

People who love themselves and take care of themselves are more attractive to others. This shows that they have self-compassion. By taking care of yourself, you are showing the people that you value yourself and devote time to maintain balance and wellbeing. Eat healthy, exercise and pamper yourself. Keep your mental and physical health good and sound.

These personality development tips for students can help them to move forward in their life. Do follow these tips to be successful and achieve the heights of success.

Best Job Interview Tips to Boost Your Interview Skills

Finally, you have applied for your dream job. And guess what, they have called you back for an interview. Excited! Right? But before any step, it is very important to prepare yourself for the interview process. One must read job interview tips to excel and achieve the height of success. The person can ask you any job interview questions, but one must be confident and fearless. One must follow the best interview techniques to shine. Interview skills matter a lot.

Job Interview Questions

The interview is a complicated process of interaction between the job seeker and interviewer. It is the most important part of the selection and hiring process. It is important to put the right person in the right job. Prepare yourself well before going for an interview. Relax, it is not so hard. To help you, I have come up with a list of job interview tips that can help you to crack job interview questions without any worry. Just be confident and boost your interview skills by following a few interview techniques.

Job Interview Tips to Boost Interview Skills

Go through the list and make yourself more confident.

interview skills

Read about Company:

It’s very important to know about the company where you are going for an interview. Research about the company and interviewers. Knowing about the company can help you to go into your interview with confidence. Use the company’s website, a social media page, and recent press releases to understand the organization in a better way. It is one of the important job interview tips that can boost your interview skills.

Practice common job interview questions and answers:

 One of the best interview techniques to a master job is to prepare answers to the most common questions that are mostly part of every interview.  Some of the common questions asked are: Introduce yourself, why are you interested in our company? What makes you different from the others? And lot other similar types of questions. Preparing answers to such questions will boost confidence in you. You will be able to communicate properly. This will also enhance your chances of getting selected.  

Do a detailed study of the job description:

Do read the job description carefully. Underline the specific skills, the employer is basically looking for.  Make yourself the better person. Don’t repeat the mistakes that you could have done in the past.

interview techniques

Practice your answers loudly:

 Practicing your answers loudly is one of the best ways to prepare for an interview. Ask your friend or a family member to help you with this. Ask them to help you run through questions and answers. You’ll have more confidence as you get used to saying the words.

Make a list of references:

There are chances that your interviewers may ask you to submit a list of references before or after your interview. Having a reference list already prepared can help you quickly to complete this step ahead of time.

Answer Smartly:

Prepare yourself to answer smartly. Try to answer smartly to job interview questions. The interview is a two-way process. The company expects you to ask questions. They actually want to find whether you are a serious candidate or not. Listed below are some of the questions that you may ask from the interviewer.

“What actually you are expecting from me?”

“What are the problems you’re currently facing in your role?”

Plan your dress code the night before:

If you’re in the link to a recruiter before the interview, ask them about the dress code in the organization and choose your dress code accordingly. If you don’t have a recruiter to ask for, research the company to learn what’s right.

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Carry your resume, a notebook, and a pen:

It is very important to carry a copy of your resume, a passport size photograph, a pen, and a notepad.  Mark some specific skills on your resume that you can easily refer to and discuss. Carry a pen and small notepad. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible. This shows how much confident you are.

job interview tips

Arrive Early:

Never be late for your interview. Make your schedule such so that you can arrive 10–15 minutes early. Map out your route to the location so you can be sure to arrive on time. Be punctual and active.

The first impression is the last impression:

Make your first impression great. Do not ignore the little things such as Polish your shoes, keep your nails clean and tidy, and iron your clothes properly. Be confident and stand erect.

Wish Everyone:

As soon as you enter the organization, respect and wish everyone. This includes every person concerned with the company. Whether the person is a manager or a watchman, treat everyone politely and with respect. There are chances that the employer may ask for their feedback about you.

Work on your body language:

The body reflects our emotions. Be confident and do not have bend posture.  Have an accessible body posture from the moment you enter the building. Sit or stand erect with your shoulders back. Before the interview, take a deep breath and exhale slowly to balance feelings of anxiety and boost self-confidence. Keep a smile on your face.  

Be positive and genuine:

Positivity is the key to success. Be positive and genuine. Do not lie just to win their trust as this can hinder you later on. Showing optimistic nature with a smile can make your interview more fruitful.

Respond truthfully:

 Many applicants are in the bad habit of making their good image by lying. But my dear this can hinder you later.  Be genuine with your answers. Respond truthfully. Be honest. Focus on your key features. This is one of the best interview techniques.

Keep your answers to the point:

Do not answer irrelevantly. Time is a very important asset. Your time with the interviewer is limited so be mindful of rambling. Practicing your answers beforehand can help keep you focused.

Do not speak negative about your previous companies:

Companies want to hire problem solvers, not problem creators. You should be able to overcome the problems. Do not speak ill about your previous companies and employees.

Ask about further steps:

After your interview has been finished, ask the appropriate person about the next step. This will likely be a follow-up email with results from your interview, additional needs like an assignment or reference list or another interview.

After the interview, send a thank you letter:

Send personalized thank-you notes to each interviewer. If you had an interview in the morning, send your follow-up emails the same day. If you had an interview in the afternoon, the next morning is good.

Do follow the above job interview tips to have success. Follow the best interview techniques to boost your interview skills. Answer patiently and confidently all the job interview questions. All the best.

Tips to Boost your Self Confidence: Be Bold, Be You

In the words of famous American professional tennis player Arthur Robert,” One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” To perform better and to give out the best results, self-confidence is very important. It is the ability of a person to analyze his or her own social aspects with respect to the environment and surroundings. The main motive is to derive satisfaction out of it. There are many factors that influence self-confidence. Some of the factors are grooming, work environment, and levels of interest towards pursuing a cause.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is very important to maintain a balance in personal life. Someone has well said that whenever you are going to start with new work have confidence in your abilities. Today, we are living in an era of competition. One must be confident and strong before taking any positive step. Self-confidence is said to be one of the biggest pillars of courage and self-sustenance for a human being. Self-confidence also affects the overall wellbeing of human beings. It is very necessary for your health and mental well-being. Higher the level of self-confidence, more chances of being successful in both personal and professional life.

Perks of Self-Confidence

It is very important to believe in yourself. By believing in oneself, one tries more new things.  Whether you apply for a job or sign up for a cooking class, just believe that you can do it.

When you are sure about yourself, you’re able to bestow your assets to the task at hand. Rather than wasting time and energy its better, you devote your energy to your efforts. This will help you to perform better.

Self Confidence

For example, if you feel good and confident about a meeting you’re going to be part of, you’ll focus on delivering your best to your colleagues. But if you doubt on your ability to communicate, then you will end up with nothing. There are many ways by which one can boost self-confidence.

It’s necessary to have a healthy dose of self-confidence that boosts you to perform better. Being confident about your skills boost courage with in yourself. It helps you to be positive and motivated.  It helps you to keep things in perspective.  A confident person has enough skills to know his boundaries and knows how to make up for that with his resolve and skills.

Tips to Boost Self Confidence

Whether you lack confidence in one particular area or you fight to feel confident about anything, these tips can help to boost your self-confidence.

Self Confidence

Never compare yourself with others:

Many people are in a bad habit of comparing them to others. They are in habit of comparing their salary, looks, wealth and lot other things to others. Note that comparisons aren’t healthy. There is a direct link between hatred and the way you feel about yourself. As per the researchers, the people who are in habit of comparing themselves with others become negative. This negativity can be dangerous for them. It can be a cruel cycle.

Pay thought to times when you compare your income, possessions, abilities, achievements, and attributes. Don’t think too much about other people. Thinking that other people are better will destroy your confidence in yourself. The moment when you find that you are comparing yourself with others, remind yourself doing so isn’t helpful. Everyone is running their own race and life isn’t a rivalry.

Take Care of Your Self:

Never ever abuse yourself. Be happy with yourself. If you will hate yourself, then you will never feel good about yourself. Not sleeping properly, eating unhealthy food and missing your exercise will take a toll on your well-being. As per studies, doing a physical activity can boost your self-confidence.  

As per Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, regular physical activity can improve the overall wellbeing of a person. Make yourself a priority. By making yourself a priority, you will feel more confident about yourself.

Treat yourself with love and kindness:

Self-compassion is very important. Whenever you make a mistake or fail in anything never ever hurt yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and try to forgive and forget. Making harsh comments about yourself, won’t motivate you to do better. In fact, it will have a bad effect.

As per the study, self-compassion devotes to more consistent confidence. Try to avoid making such statements, “I’m so silly. I ruined everything,” Be positive and practical.

Rather than harming yourself up or abusing yourself, try to talk to yourself or to a trusted friend. Note that no one is perfect.

Envelop Self-Doubt:

Many people are in habit of neglecting some of the things till they feel more confident. They avoid going to some public place or attending any function—until they feel more confident. But sometimes, to gain confidence, it is better to do such tasks. Try to perform some of the tasks that can boost your self-confidence. If you have a big speech coming up, practice in front of your friends and family, this will boost your confidence. Embracing some self-doubt can help you to perform better.

As per the Psychology of Sport and Exercise, athletes who cherish their self-doubt perform well.

Perform Behavioural Diagnosis:

Note that your thoughts are not always accurate. Never be negative about yourself. There are chances when your brain may tell you that you have no business speaking up in a meeting or that you are too out of shape to work out, caution yourself that your logics aren’t always right. The best method to deal with negative self-talk is by fighting those statements. Try to perform that tasks that your brain tells that you cannot perform. Try to do it and see the mesmerizing results.

You might learn that being a little scared of making a few faults isn’t as bad as you thought. And each time you move forward you can feel more confident in yourself.

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence. There is some time of life when one has a confidence issue. But do not let your self-confidence issues affect your work, your social life, or your studies. In such case seek expert advice.

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Avoid Overconfidence

Sometimes, low self-confidence can be because of traumatic event happened in the past. At other times, it may be evidence of a mental health problem. But overconfidence is also not good. If you’re overly confident in your skills, you might end up with failure. Overconfidence about your skills can harm you. It might hinder you from studying. Thinking that you don’t need to practice a presentation could cause you to be unprepared. Keep the line of difference between self-confidence and overconfidence.

10 Mistakes to avoid during competitive exams

What actually is examination? This question has many answers. But the best definition that defines the meaning of word examination is: It is the way to test someone’s potential. It is the test that is conducted to check, to certify and to judge someone. The examination is a word which is used almost in every sphere of life. 

Many people believe that it is not an accurate test to check the ability of a person. Well, opinions differ from person to person. Most of the people have made a false image in their mind regarding present-day examination system. As per them, the present system of examination is all based on cramming. Moreover, the present system boosts other wrong happenings such as copying and corruption. Also, more people are giving exams just to upgrade to a higher level of education. Very less are there who give exams to test themselves on the basis of knowledge.

competitive exams

There are many evil incidents that are taking place nowadays in the examination center. Many evil accidents are taking place. One of the worst cases that are very popular nowadays is that student threating and beating their invigilator who objects that the student should not copy. The students who have a strong background take advantage of their power and misuse their powers in the wrong way. Many people are against examinations as they claim how is it possible that a few sets of questions can judge you.  Many are in favor too as they think it is the best way to test the knowledge we have learned and gained. As per them, it is the best way to test their knowledge, understanding, and ability.

Importance of Examination

Exams are the best and necessary way to check our knowledge and capability. Without examinations or test, students don’t excel as they don’t concentrate on their studies and learn their lessons properly. Exams are necessary at every level of education to check out the real skills, talents and grasping the power of the students. All students or candidates study in order to get desired marks or rank in the test.  Everyone wants to excel and shine. This is the best way to show others your victory. Therefore, it is mandatory to conduct exams. Exams are important as without them, it is impossible to express our skills, talent, and knowledge.  Competition is getting harder with each passing day. The doorway to success is not so easy. Every exam such as school exam or competitive exam requires a lot of hard work, knowledge, preparation, dedication and consistent efforts.

Examinations are basically for two purposes. Exams at School and college level give a boost to study by rewarding with prizes, and scholarships. There are other exams that are mandatory to clear to get selected at good posts such as exams for the military and civil services. In short, exams are very important to get the highest mark in class or to get selected in an important field in order to achieve the dream. It is the best way to express our knowledge and ability in the written form.

competitive exams

Moreover, through exams, one learns a lot of things.  It teaches us values and essential qualities like punctuality, writing skills, time management, and so on. Without exam, it is very difficult to find out the real skills of an individual.

What to focus on during exams?

Most of the students focus to excel in any of the competitive exams. That attitude is right. But one should also focus on what can be done to avoid silly mistakes. These silly mistakes are basically responsible for any downfall that can hinder our way to success. A good student should learn from mistakes. One should avoid making mistakes during exams.  Mistakes can snatch a big opportunity from you.  In this post, I will be telling you the various mistakes one should avoid during competitive examinations.  It’s better to avoid mistakes otherwise one will end up with only disappointment.

competitive exams

As the new season of examinations has begun already, most of the students must have started preparation for the same. Various recruitment opportunities have opened doors to a good number of people. So, it’s important that one should not neglect the importance of exams and should avoid making silly mistakes. Exams are the best way to grab golden opportunities. Don’t let the opportunities slip through your fingers because of silly mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid during competitive exams

Many students and candidates appear for different competitive exams. But only a few are able to achieve success in a particular exam. This is because successful candidates are sharp enough to avoid silly mistakes that can lower down their chances of getting success.  Many students fail to make up to the expectation due to stupid mistakes that can be avoided.  Therefore, to help students to avoid the common mistakes during the examination, below are a few points to understand. Success in a competitive exam like UPSC Exam, SSC Exam, Bank Job exam, Police Job Exam, any other exam can alter your life completely for good. This is why most of the aspirants are under great pressure for preparing for their respective competitive exams. This pressure makes them do some stupid mistakes that could lower down their chances of getting success in respective competitive exams.

competitive exams

If you’re tensed about appearing in the competitive exams and want to ignore those competitive exams idiotic mistakes, so I have come up with the list of common mistakes that people should avoid doing while attempting any of the competitive exams or Government Job Exams. The stress of the exam can lead you to make some mistakes that can cost you a lot.  But by remaining calm, you can avoid losing marks and can stand out in everyone. Listed below are the mistakes that most of the candidates commit. To succeed one should avoid making such mistakes.

1. Not reading the question paper properly and thoroughly:

This is one of the common mistakes that one should avoid. Most of the aspirants don’t read the question properly. Always read questions patiently and carefully. We the humans have a habit of seeing what actually we want to see, and this is mostly true in the high-stressed environment of the exam room. Try to avoid mistakes when you are under pressure. If you don’t go through a question carefully, the brain tricks you into thinking that the question is asking you something else that it’s not. This leads you to write a different answer to the question. Read the question twice and thrice. Try to get to the roots of the question to know what exactly the question is asking to answer.  Try to answer exactly what the question is asking. Don’t try to mold questions and answers as per you.

2. Writing the answer you want to write, not the one you’ve been set:

Even after understanding the question properly, one can easily fall into the trap of writing the answer, one wants to write, rather than the answer, you have been asked for.  This is a common problem of most of the candidates. The problem is, in case you have over prepared a particular topic and know it thoroughly and that particular question is not part of your paper; still, you write that particular answer to show off that you have learned a lot. Whether, it’s relevant or not, just to impress the teacher or faculty, you just attempt to write it down.

No doubt, it’s quite irritating that lots of material that you had learned wasn’t part of the exam, but still, it is important to be calm and focused to answer the question carefully. It is very important that the material you are writing must be relevant to the question in one or other way. It must support your question otherwise it is irrelevant to writing it.  

3. Not answering in an organized way:

In case, you are appearing for essay writing exam, always write your answer in a fixed manner. There should be a proper format to write the essay. There should be a proper structure for your essay. Always answer your question effectively, it’s important to follow a proper structure for your essay. If you will not follow a plan or structure to answer the question, you may forget about what actually you were going to write and you may end up in writing the answer in the wrong order.

In case, if you have 3 to 4 essays to write, following a proper order will help you to attempt all questions properly and you’ll be able to move swiftly from one to the next. If you have a writing plan for each essay, this will serve you as a sort of ‘barrier’ between each essay and will allow your mind to take a little time and space to shift the focus of your thinking from one topic to the next. It is not important to write a detailed plan and moreover, there isn’t enough time for that, in any situation.  Listed below is the example of an essay plan or the structure of essay one should follow while writing in an exam.

I. Introduction:

The essay should start with easy introduction. The introduction must reflect the topic you are actually going to write.

ii. Reading questions/planning:

Read the question paper thoroughly and twice. After reading question makes an effective plan.

iii. Timings:

Set the timing as per the question paper. Time management is very important.

iv. Multiple choice:

Look at the multiple choice questions carefully.

v. Checking, spelling/grammar:

Check the grammar and spellings.

vi. Conclusion:

End the essay with some good and meaningful conclusion.

It is clear from the above, this plan provides a rough idea of the areas to be covered, without going into much detail. It’s enough for the person to make him understand what actually he/she is going to write.  Don’t spend too much on planning. Spending too much on planning is another potentially costly mistake. This can even waste your lot of time.

4. Leaving the simple and short questions until last:

Many of you have the habit of leaving the easiest questions until last. Most of the students attempt the long and difficult questions first. But this, not a good thought.  Always first answer the questions, you think are easy. This way you can boost your score. If you start with the tough questions, you may not answer them properly as compared to easier ones. This can deduct your marks. Moreover, this will also waste a good amount of time. As a result of which you may end up with a shortage of marks. So, work thoroughly through the question paper and get as many marks as you can from the questions you find more easily, and answer the difficult ones later.

5. Wasting a lot of time:

Don’t waste your time. Allotment of time as per questions is very important. Time is the most important asset. While answering questions, keep the constant eye on the clock. Try not to run out of time. Many students are unable to attempt the whole question paper just because of improper management of time. It’s the mistake of most of the students. Spending too much time on a few questions can trouble you later.  Most of the students spend quality time on a few questions, not leaving enough time to finish the exam. Time management is the most important aspect of the exam. It must be properly managed.

To manage time during exams, try to attempt a few past papers so as to keep track on your time. By doing this, you will exactly come to know about time management during the exam. Moreover, from there you can calculate, how much you will take to attempt each question. Also, you will be able to manage the time for the last revision and planning. Most of the exam halls have a clock. Pay close attention to the clock and work as per clock. In case, you complete the answer to the question before the end of your time slot for it, move onto the next question anyway. This gives more time to difficult and trickier questions. The extra time can be used to check your answers again and again.

6. Running out of time still writing the full answer:

Many students didn’t notice, that they get indulge so much with one question, that they run short of time. When you are running out of time, try to answer short and to the point. Answering a single question, when you are running out of time is the silliest mistake that one should avoid. This can cost you loss in marks. If you are running out of time, answer the question in points.  This will also help the examiner to know that you’ve thought about the question, and he will know what you would have written if you’d had time. There are chances you may get some more marks this way. But if know that you have short of time and still you are spending too long on a single question, the examiner will have no idea about all those good points you might have made.

7. Not attempting multiple choice questions:

Never, leave multiple choice question blank. Even if you don’t know the answer still attempt the question. But if the wrong answer to multiple choice question can cause you negative marking then ignore the question whose answer you have doubt. But if you know that even wrong answers don’t cost you anything, don’t leave them blank, always make a guess.  

Multiple choice questions are one of the easier styles of the exam. This is because of the reason such questions give a good number of possible answers. Such possible answers help the candidate to get the accurate answer out of all by neglecting the most inappropriate choice.  Many students don’t even try to answer such question and they end up losing marks. Do attempt the multiple choice question. There are chances that your guess will be right.  There is always 50/50 chance that you’ll get an extra mark, which is definitely a chance worth taking. Do not avoid such chance.

8. Leaving the exam hall early:

While attempting the question paper, take your full time. Don’t leave the exam hall early. Your important celebrations can wait for an extra hour. In case, you have found the exam easy and have finished the exam before time, then do check it and revise it carefully. After finishing the exam, many students make the mistake of leaving the exam early. But this can backfire you.

Once you leave the hall, you may realize later, that you must have not come out of hall this early, but my dear by the time of realization, you had made the mistake of leaving hall early.  So, even if you complete the exam early, use that leftover time to go through the paper twice and thrice. Make the paper more presentable. Make sure that you’ve attempted all the questions and had answered them to the best of your abilities. Revise the paper thoroughly and try to add more worthy points to make your answer look more appropriate. Do proofreading of your answers. Check the grammar and spellings carefully.

9. Trying to be over smart:

Don’t try to be over smart. Don’t try to fool the examiner. Many candidates have the habit of giving two answers to the same question. Many candidates select multiple answers in multiple choice question. They tick two answers or boxes. The examiner who has no idea about all this ends up giving no marks to such a question. Even some end up by giving negative marks to the question that have multiple answers. If you’re attempting a multiple choice paper, it’s necessary to allow yourself enough time, in the end, to check properly and thoroughly all your answers to make sure that the correct ones are ticked. If you change your mind and want to change the answer, make sure it is visible clearly that this is not your answer by putting a big cross through it. Try not to confuse examiner. Be genuine with your answer.

10. Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical errors:

When you are attempting a written test, try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. This can lead to a bad impression on your examiner. There are many competitive exams in which marks are allocated for good spelling and grammar. If your answer paper has many mistakes and errors, you’ll end up with losing extra marks that can add huge loss to your grades.  Even if you are perfect in grammar, you can make mistakes while answering under pressure. Many students under pressure write “right” instead of “write” and many other such silly mistakes happen. Such silly mistakes are mostly committed when a person is under pressure. Try to avoid such mistakes.

Be calm and patient while answering questions. If you have a good quantity of time at the end of the exam, you can spend it checking through your answers just to make sure that your answer is error free. Even if you have written right and your handwriting is difficult to read, you could even lose good marks. Write clear and error free. Make your answers look more presentable. Try to underline the important statements. Also if you spot some words that can’t be read clearly, strike through them and write them out more clearly.


When it comes to attempting an exam, all that needed is just the appropriate planning, time management and your approach to each question. These parameters work collaboratively to add a few more marks.  One or two marks up and down may change your grade. It is the matter of great difference between a grade A and a grade B (for example). And this may snatch the biggest opportunities from your hand. Try to avoid all such mistakes. Avoiding such mistakes can help you to achieve success. There are many ways by which you can score high but there are also ways by which you can lose some marks. So try to avoid mistakes while going for competitive exams.